Our Vision

Partnering With Schools & Communites To Bring STEM Education To SD


SDIL celebrates the greatness of living in rural communities and assists with the development and implementation of transformative educational strategies and partnerships in rural South Dakota built upon the following guiding principles:

  • SDIL collectively views “STEM” as a mindset that embraces the engineering design cycle and/or scientific method as the foundation of our teaching and learning strategies;
  • SDIL methodology and experience is grounded and driven by proven research. SDIL and its partners actively seek research opportunities and partnerships;
  • SDIL recognizes that the education of our youth extends beyond the K-12 classroom experience to promote life long learning;
  • SDIL believes that mastery and competency learning rather than time on task provides the greatest opportunities for student achievement;
  • SDIL works with schools to develop tailored professional development, with the primary instructional strategy of SDIL being Transdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning (TPBL) and Differentiated Instruction.
  • SDIL celebrates each community’s cultural uniqueness and recognizes that educational success is directly related to student involvement in learning; and
  • SDIL works with schools to develop management strategies that are not only dependent upon local resources but utilize pooled and shared resources that know no boundaries.

Through participating in SDIL, schools will be preparing students to be college, career and life ready to enhance the local/regional talent pool and in turn strengthening their individual community.