One of the country’s top researchers on a rare, neurodegenerative disease, called Batten Disease is an SDIL staff member, Dr. Jill Weimer of the Sanford Research Center. Recently Dr. Weimer was a guest on The Doctors to discuss the disease that commonly begins in early childhood and is marked by seizures, personality changes, blindness, and loss of motor skills.

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Pres. Obama Gives LATI Commencement Address

ThankYouObamaOn May 8, 2015, President Obama addressed the 2015 graduating class of Lake Area Technical Institute.

Lake Area Tech President Mike Cartney comments,  “Imagine how meaningful obtaining your college degree becomes when the President of the United States is your commencement speaker?  I cannot even begin to explain the feeling I had when the White House called with this news! This is a once in a lifetime phone call that left me overwhelmed and speechless, yet filled with so much pride for Lake Area Tech, this community and our business partners.  My heart and thoughts go to the great district leadership, staff and students of Lake Area Tech.  Their hard work, dedication and innovation epitomize that it is not about being the best, but doing your best – and the rest will follow. This is what makes Lake Area Tech such a magical place.”

Watch the video of Pres. Obama’s address