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One of the country’s top researchers on a rare, neurodegenerative disease, called Batten Disease is an SDIL staff member, Dr. Jill Weimer of the Sanford Research Center. Recently Dr. Weimer was a guest on The Doctors to discuss the disease that commonly begins in early childhood and is marked by seizures, personality changes, blindness, and loss of motor skills.

Learn more here and view the TV video here.


Zeal – Automated Exit Ticket

FREE! Zeal joins a growing list of products hoping to take the pain out of administering and grading exit tickets. The Common Core-aligned question bank gives 15,000 (the number of questions) reasons for teachers to care, but students should, too, thanks to the ClassDojo-like engagement embedded in each exit ticket. When the joy of learning isn’t enough, students can earn coins, move up the leaderboard and use the coins to upgrade their own avatar.

SciJinks – The Ultimate Weather Website!

NOAA and NASA have joined forces to create the ultimate weather website. Targeting middle school students, SciJinks makes the science of weather fun and engaging with exciting and accessible content, games, and multimedia. Find answers to mysteries like our changing seasons, lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other curious phenomenon with the site’s colorful “now I get it” pages. Learn about weather satellites by playing “Shields Up!” or “Satellite Insight!” There are videos, printable images and posters, and lots of other help for teachers. SciJinks also shows you its content by topic: clouds, tides, oceans, atmosphere, seasons, satellites—you name i

The Digital Desperado Featured In Rural Schools Collaborative

DeglategateThe Rural School Collaborative recently shared an interview with SDIL teacher Jeff Schneider. He talks about his long-term connection to teaching and how he came to join SDIL.

Jeff, aka The Digital Desperado, embraces technology in teaching and helps students use online and digital tools to solve problems. Jeff brings real-world problems to the classroom, problems that kids can to relate to. Here’s just one example that is cited in the interview.

Q: Can you give an example of the “hands on” approach to learning that utilizes technology?

A: For example, the Monday following the New England Patriots controversy (the infamous deflated ball accusation), the 9th grade Physical Science classes tested how ‘bouncy’ (or not) a deflated ball was. They downloaded a slow motion app for their phones to get a more accurate measure of the height of the bounce.

SDIL and PAST Foundation are proud of all our staff and teachers. Jeff is certainly a great example of the kind of dedication they all bring to classrooms and schools every day.

Read the interview here.