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Tales from a Teacher

Mary Schneider is an experienced teacher and leader in TPBL in South Dakota.  Together with her husband and SDIL teacher Jeff Schneider, Mary pioneered an English/Biology course where students receive credit for both course. Mary has been and SDIL trainer for several years and this year is mentoring a new teacher. We received this note from Mary and are very happy to share it.

Hey all,
Two weeks under our belt and my student teacher is having a blast. She is in contact with other classmates who are “struggling” with creating lesson plans that follow a certain course. She has discovered very quickly that the problems that the kids are solving are taking them all over the place and deeper than she would have thought. She will be taking over the freshmen next week and asked what I wanted her to teach and I told her to find a passion and the rest will follow. She thought she needed to work in a 9 week format and now sees how two weeks are perfect for planning. Her lesson plans are working out perfectly and she “sees” how this is putting the responsibility in the students’ hands and she gets to guide them to the mastery not try to get them there herself. She has asked many times why this isn’t taught to them in college. She has even noticed that an ebb and flow becomes much more “doable” under this TPBL plan. She is struggling with the Lewis Rubric a bit, but that is slowly coming as well.
Thought I’d give you all kudos on your hard work and let you know that one teacher at a time….. 🙂

Mary EK Schneider
Armour High School..Wessington Springs High School