What does a typical class look like?

Teachers often inquire what a typical class looks like in a TPBL or hybrid classroom.  Experienced teachers may use the term chaos. Multiple days in the past five years, that word has been used by the teachers involved as well. I have grown to love students who are active and moving. In a typical classroom, it is not unusual to see students moving from group to group in a collaborative effort to improve everyone’s work. It is not unusual that an entire classroom is being utilized–not just the desks and white board. It is not unusual to have students use technology to extend the learning outside the walls of the room–or simply asking permission to ask another teacher down the hall. It is normal to have students talking and testing concepts and sharing out information to everyone in the classroom. It is normal to have students sharing problems with someone else and asking “what do I do?” It is normal that plans may change for that day based on what the students understand or discover. It is normal for multiple assessments to be done on any given day to identify where the class needs to go. It is normal for students to find a single problem that leads into multiple problems to solve.

So when someone asks how do I stand the chaos? I simply smile and ask them to ask my students that same question. I know the answer they will get.

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